Runner's Rag

Volume 17 Issue 6

Official Publication of the Winner's Circle Running Club

November 1996


"If you can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance”

Travelin’ Charlie Nelson and hid travelin’ buddy John Huttunen ran the Hartford 26.2 and report that this one was a mess. wrong turns by the leaders, certification snafus and unpaid cash prizes. Not being among the leaders, these guys had fun. Charlie was the big winner as his wife bagged a jackpot at the Mohecan Casino, paying for the trip.

Doug Eastman was another winner recently. He bet Vicki Miller ten bucks that Kelly would beat Liebfried at Baystate. Eddie responded with a 10 minute PR and 3:09, but Kellzo dropped a half-hour to 3:08. It was Dave’s 6:40 in mile 23 that left the RoadKill man, if not for dead, at least out of breath. Oh, and thanks for the Bass Ales, Ted & Mike!

Who WILL be “most improved” this year? It’s time to let a board member know if anyone you know should be considered. A few I’ve noticed are Leo Clarke, Liz Arcieri, Kathy Long, Lisa Chace, Vicki Miller (yeah, again), Neil Gleason, the aforementioned Kelly, & Cathi Remington. And of course I’ve had some PRs myself this year.

A rose and nine thorns? The Exeter "Bulldogs" entertain Mssrs. Foley and Randall on a recent Tuesday run.

Mark “where have you” Behan is back in training, feeling good and, we hope, will be back stronger than ever before long. He recently finished 11th in the 15K in Tewksbury. Good bet for 1997 comeback of the year.

By the way.....who WAS that Ph.D. rumored to be unable to tie his own shoes at the UNH Homecoming 10K?

Former RAG editor Don Staruk was sighted recently at the annual Turkey Trot “predict your timer” Was he lonesome? trying to get reimbursed for his room at the Lenox? Or maybe trying to peddle some antique rootbeer bottles?

And lastly, a short note to Jimmy Coco: (Thats short for Cocozella) Next time you show up with a cigar it had better be the “it’s a boy” type, or else at Gilly’s.What a gawdawful stench....


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