Runner's Rag

Volume 17 Issue 6

Official Publication of the Winner's Circle Running Club

November 1996

The Night EveryMan Set a PR

Contributed by an anonymous (chickenbleep) donor

One week before Ken Mackie was married to the lovely former (or is it former lovely) Sue Efinger (Ed. note: She IS still lovely; it was Ken who returned from the honeymoon a little the worse for wear. See photo elsewhere in this issue) the MEN in the WCRC took Ken out to see what married life was all about (well maybe the first week). A group of about 20 real men met at the WCRC for a few primers before the bus showed up for the field trip. Actually 21 men were present before one of our leaders was forcefully removed from the Circle by designated driver in a long black station wagon.

After negotiating a deal with the large doorman at the Ten's we proceeded to a table in the corner were we could listen to Ted Wendt talk about his 75 years of running. Finally Jimmy noticed that there were some young ladies doing pick-ups between the tables. This seemed to change the focus of the entire evening. Our soon to be groom decided that he might have a few pops and belly up to the front table for a quick lesson in anatomy and physiology. You just never know about those quiet ones!

At one point J.C. was asked to leave by a rather large fellow as he kept asking the open division women what type of training they were into. After the first hour the members of the board had to float a small business loan for another round of drinks. Just before one of our runners went belly-up he asked if he was delusional when he saw the grim reaper (an undertaker coming to get him). We said of course not as our man would not be caught within 20 miles of a joint like this. Another engineer in the group, gave us a quick lesson in biology (his undergraduate minor) as he described body parts which some of us have never seen before, or for that matter never even heard of.

Most of the fast guys from north of the border left fairly early, as its a long drive to N.H. with snout full of hops. Things get even more difficult when you have to keep looking over your shoulder for the "men in blue". After the whuses departed the three remaining men (I only stayed this late so I could finish taking notes for this story) paid off a beautiful young thing to do a song and dance ? routine for the (almost) newly wed. She was extremely talented and we suggested that she might want to audition for Star Search 96.

One thing I'll say for those guys from Eggseter, they really know how to have a good time. We enjoyed the floor show so much that a few of us took our wives back on Saturday night, as you could buy one and get one free. (Ed. note: One What??) After some serious discussions with our club treasurer (the following Thursday) we were discouraged from moving our Christmas party to the Ten's. Wait until next year. Dave LaBrode said that he needed a hall for the post Mill Cities party and we are working on having the last leg run to the beach. This may give the WCRC the edge as we have the Ultra Man, who only runs once a week, usually about 30 miles.

Well that abouts all that is fit to print, if you wanted the real skinny, you should have been there.


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