Runner's Rag

Volume 17 Issue 6

Official Publication of the Winner's Circle Running Club

November 1996

Mackies Tie Knot Oct 26

70 Members in Attendance (plus 2 on honeymoon)

Circle members Ken and Sue (Efinger) Mackie break the tape arriving at their wedding reception October 26.

The long awaited event finally took place on October 26th in Newburyport. In a beautiful traditional ceremony the “Mackies” finally dropped the quotation marks and became the Mackies.

The bride & groom looked energized & radiant, as well they should, and they departed the church by horse & buggy to the cheers of friends & family.

After surviving a nasty traffic jam we all arrived at the Andover C.C. for hors d'oeuvre (pasta, natch..and goooood!) before the couple arrived, breaking the finish tape amid fanfare.

In a nice touch appreciated by their clubmates, the Mackies had the tables designated with race numbers. Ours was from the High St. Mile and fittingly director Ted & Allie McJones were there with us.

After a fine meal and numerous libations the car was decorated with the WCRC banner and a trail of old running shoes. It was truly a club oriented wedding and we sincerely thank Ken & Sue for thinking so much of us on their day.

The bride & groom honeymooned in Jamaica, and although Ken couldn’t perform ALL his responsibilities (injured water skiing & couldn’t RUN with his new wife) they reportedly had a great start on their life together. Once again, we wish them both the best.

Here are the newlyweds modeling the WCRC colors while basking in the Jamaica sun.


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