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WCRC/RRCA Values Statement

We are committed as an organization to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone to participate in and contribute to the sport of running - where all are safe, welcome, and have a sense of belonging. The success of our organization and our sport is enhanced by the leadership and involvement of people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities. We pledge to create an atmosphere where everyone feels heard and where each member has the opportunity to contribute to the club's success. We believe that every person should feel supported in our collective journey towards health, wellness, and personal improvement.

Coached Track Workouts

Coached track workouts with Coach Michael McCormick are starting again on May 22!!! They will be occurring Wednesdays at 6 PM until July 10. Use the link below for details and registration


1st Annual  WCRC One-Of-A-Kind Gear Swap

Are you looking to unload some running gear you have hanging around and gathering dust?  Well, the Winner’s Circle Running Club is your answer! The WCRC will host its first one-of-a kind gear swap on Thursday June 20, 2024, beginning at 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  It is also PIZZA NIGHT!!!

Please be sure that any gear donated is clean and in usable condition.  Gently used sneakers are acceptable.  Heavily damaged or over worn merchandise/items not accepted.  Donate any gear that is no longer serving you.  Gear to consider includes jackets, vests, running apparel, tech, running accessories (i.e. rollers, lights, unused water bottles, massage ball, sunglasses, belts, tape) and non-expired nutrition.  

Please drop off your gear before or after the Thursday night group run on June 20, 2024.  If you need your gear picked up please contact Tricia at to arrange a pick-up prior to June 20th.  

The swap will take place upstairs in the skybox.  This is a no cost event!!!  Come, browse, and conquer!!!  You don’t have to drop off gear to take something that works for you.  All gear left behind at the end of the evening will be donated to charity.  

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Summer Long Run Hosts Needed

Summer Long Run Hosts Needed

June 22- Janeth Simard (8-12 miles) (Nbpt)

July 6-

July 20- Tara Driscoll (W Newbury)

Aug 3-

Aug 17- Aileen Smolski (Amesbury)

Aug 31-

Sept 14- Jane OKeefe

Sept 28-

Hosts are provided with a $100 stipend for refreshments. Contact Scarlett if you are interested

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Driven blindfolded 5-7 miles, give or take, from the Winner’s Circle to destination unknown; – you and your team need to figure out where you are and then find your way back, hopefully along the shortest route. The first team back wins!

(You don’t have to run blindfolded unless you want to.)

Multi-team event, cross-country scoring, everyone counts! Special team award this year.
No GPS devices, cell phones, iPods, iPads, running on 95 or 495, or bail money!

No phones, no watches, just you and your stellar sense of direction.

Where the Fugowee?



This facebook group is an offshoot of our primary Facebook page. It is a place where members can post pictures, find a group to run with, ask questions, or just say hi!

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