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Driven blindfolded 7 miles, give or take, from the Winner’s Circle to destination unknown; – you and your team need to figure out where you are and then find your way back, hopefully along the shortest route.

(You don’t have to run blindfolded unless you want to.)

  • Multi-team event, cross-country scoring, everyone counts! Special team award this year.

  • No GPS devices, cell phones, iPods, iPads, running on 95 or 495, or bail money!



August 6, 2022

The High Street Mile is back for 2022! This one mile road race, occurring during Newburyport's Historic Yankee Homecoming Festival, features 3 heats including a children's heat with medals for all the little finishers! Cash prizes for overall and age group winners!

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July 30, 2022

Group run followed by a pool party!

Funny pineapple in sunglasses near swimming pool..jpg


August 24, 2022

Team Cross Country race to benefit Multiple Sclerosis! If you like hills and sprained ankles (just kidding) this is the run for you!

Trail in Woods


January 1, 2023

This facebook group is an offshoot of our primary Facebook page. It is a place where members can post pictures, find a group to run with, ask questions, or just say hi!


In Memory of Pam Houck, a long term, valued member of the WCRC

A friend. A companion. A partner. A confidante. A sister. A neighbor. A runner. A cyclist. A swimmer. A triathlete. A coach. A cheerleader. A photographer. A cat mom. Pam was all these things to people, and many more. Pam loved helping people and bringing them together. She was notorious for sending out group texts to random ladies to have them join her for a group run or swim. She loved to commemorate these events with a selfie, which was always posted to Strava and Facebook, so that her friends could connect with one another. Pam was a regular on the running and triathlete circle, making friends wherever she went due to her warm smile and approachable manner. She had many athletic accomplishments, including qualifying for and running in the Boston marathon, Mt. Washington, and competing and many triathlons including the half iron distance. She was an amazing coach and helped numerous athletes attain their goals, whether it be training for their first marathon or triathlon or learning to swim in the open water. Pam was always there with her “You can do it!” attitude. Pam was very active in her community, advocating for Lake Gardner to allow triathletes to swim safely there by suggesting everyone wear a pull buoy. She was proud of her she lived, regularly posting a photo of Lake Gardner from her condo so that everyone could appreciate its beauty. Pam made a huge impact on all who knew her, and she will be missed.

Memorial Service to be held June 4th at 5:00 P.M. at the Glen Devin Boathouse and Beach, off of Whitehall Rd in Amesbury

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